Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Very Needed Update!

So Its been a while, but I decided I wanted to keep this thing updated! Its fun! Josh and I are married now and have been married for a year on August 18th. We are really happy and loving life. I think sometimes I keep us a little too busy, but that is ok we pack a lot in. Josh has a few groups he plays poker with and he is really liking that. My job is fantastic I just love it. I get to travel to Cinncinati and Atlanta from Sept 25 to Oct 10. I had a work meeting in upstate NY in early August so we got to see Josh's family and that was fun. This summer we also got to go to St George, Vegas, Portland, and I got to go to California to see my aunt before she moves to Hawaii! It's a rough life but someone has to do it. My Dad just had a big surgery so he is recovering and its not too fun. We have been to a few concerts this last summer, Incubus, The Frey, Fall Out Boy, Silver Sun Pickups, The Warped Tour, and My personal favorite Tony Bennett. Josh switched jobs for a little bit but now is back at good ole Harris Interactive. We are still living in our rental in Orem, hopefully we will buy early next year sometime. Well I think that is it, that is the update. I will post some picture history to catch up as well.

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