Sunday, June 07, 2009

Oh my, I really need to learn how to be better at blogging!

It has been a crazy, crazy, crazy past three months, but it has been some of the best of my life. I have learned so much and learned to appreciate everything and everyone so much more!

Let start off with my new job! I am now working as a Marketing Analyst at Xactware. I am loving it. I went on the job hunt and was lucky enough to get two job offers, but after much prayer, tears, and excitement decided on Xactware. It is a great company, and I work with some really good people, so I am excited about it. I am loving the work I am doing, and have about 5 to 10 projects going on any given day. Crazy enough two of the people on my team are Jen Swenson Ross' husband Brad, and Tom Bay's cousin Megan! They are the coolest! I feel like its a great fit for me particularly with the experience and education I have had, it is right up my alley. Change is always scary, especially after you have worked at a company for 9 years but a higher power had different plans for me.I am so excited to be a part of this cool company, and am so glad they saw the potential in me that they needed for the posistion.

Before I started at Xactware Josh and I had planned a trip to Disneyland(since he had never been), but then his grandmother died, and he had to travel to NY so we had to make other plans. She was a wonderful woman and took very good care of Josh and we will miss her dearly. I stayed home from the NY trip because tickets were quite pricey. It was sad not to go, but lucky I didnt as that is when I ended up getting the Xactware interviews. I am so thankful for the support of my closest girlfriends like Crystal and Amber, for helping to make my difficult Job decision while Josh was out of town and just supporting me. He had so much on his mind, it was nice to have my amazing girlfriends to lean on!

Fortunately for Josh and I, Xactware was kind and let us take that vacation we missed, right as I started work. We got to go to Vegas (as you all know my favorite place) and Disneyland. We got to hang out with one of my best friends Nate Steel and his beautiful girlfriend Gina! It was good times. On the way back we stayed at our timeshare in Vegas and got to go see the show ICE at the Riviera. We had a great time. It is always fun to go to Disney, it brings back the magic of magic, and lets you feel like a kid again!

We got to meet the characters and that was so fun. Nate and Gina know the park like the back of thier hands so they were great tour guides. The fireworks at the castle we absolutely magical!

Oh we love sully!

We stopped and did the coaster at stateline! Oh the whiplash!

Josh and I thought we were the matrix for a minute

We party in Vegas day and night! Thats my Disneyland baby!

We got to meet up with our good friends Nate and Rachel on the way home. Who knew Cedar was going to be where we would meet for dinner?

Toward the end of our trip, I found out we had lost two beautiful people and angels from this world. Michelle Langston Bancroft and Nicole Tyndall. In a way I got to say "goodbye" to both of them and I felt very blessed for that. Luckily Michells husband Justin had let us know that there was not much time, and so a group of us from high school were able to go and visit her before she passed. We were able to reminisce, laugh, and talk about good times past and present an I will always cherish that time I had with her. Nicole I had seen a few weeks earlier at the movie theater, we hugged, laughed, took a picture, and planned disco skating. She was doing the best I had ever seen her and she was SOOO happy. The both of them will be missed so much. Here are pictures with both of them not to long before we lost them. I love you Chelle and Tyndall! You are amazing!

Another sweet friend of mine, Heather England, just found out her brain cancer that she thought she had won the battle against has come back in two places. Please put her in your prayers. She is an amazing little person and the world would not be the same without her.

On a happier note, I got to attend two wonderful Reunions! One was my 10 year high school reunion :) Talk about crazy. It was so successful and we had so many people! It was great to see people and reconnect. Facebook made that a lot easier, since you feel like you know half the people through thier blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc, but its great to see faces and see how great people turned out. I will do a post of just reunion, but here is one to get you by.......

The other reunion was our old work, the harris/wirthlin reunion. It was at our house and it was a beautiful day. It was good to see all our old work peeps, they are like family, and I miss them very much. We do one of those reunions every six months so we can keep in touch.

I got the chance to go to No doubt with Josh and Taylor Swift with Amber. Great concerts! I was so lucky! Check Facebook for pics soon, there are way too many good ones to post!

Last but not least my best friend Dan Jenson got married to the beautiful Analise. It was such a great day. Dan and I have been best friends for almost 15 years and it was great to see him so dang happy. Here is a few preview pics, check facebook for the rest!

That's all folks!
I'll try to stay
more up to date!


Blogful said...

How awesome! Thanks for all the news and pics and updates. Miss you!

Josh said...

Blogful, who are you?

Natalie said...

Love the Xactware pics! Where did you get that? Cody needs to transfer depts so he doesn't travel so much!! I miss you. Lets get together and go VT'ing. You guys have so much fun! Glad you got another great job.

Josh- That comment might be spam so they can hack into your computer! Delete it!

Mark and Lachelle said...

Rosie, I just love ya! Let me congratulate you on the updated post :) It's fabulous. You guys sure have been busy. It was great being able to do lunch with you and Chels...and I think we should definately make that a weekly thing ;)

Anonymous said...

See - you told me to come and I did! It was fantastic to catch up Saturday night. Seems like just last week you all were at Alta - right? Craziness.
Now come visit me. My blog is weird like me :)

Andrea said...

Wow! That's a lot to blog all in one shot. I still think you have way more fun than one person should be allowed. You should be required to spread it out a little more evenly. Actually, I'm off to Disneyland on Monday myself. Yay!

Christi said...

I'm glad you finally blogged. I always check to see if you have updated it. Keep it up! As I say that I realize Ryan and I need to work on ours!!!