Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IT HAS FISH IN IT?????!!!!!???*$%*@!

So today I had a crazy experience!

For those of you who know me well, you know this. I do not eat fish. Partially because I am allergic to shellfish aka clams, mussles, scallops, etc (potentially crab? dunno....) and partially because I can't handle the thought of eating something that looks at you and goes "blub, blub, blub and is slimy, scaley, you get the picture....

So I went to Happy Sumo with my friend Manu, asked for my regular fabulous waitress Heather, got in her section and all was right with the world. A good lunch with a good friend = good times.

Our waitress brought out our rolls and everything looked delicious. We dug right in. I always get the same two rolls. The Buffalo (a chicken roll) and the veggie tempura. Both NON fish rolls.

My friend and I were chatting away about this, that and the other not paying much attention to ANYTHING. I had eaten a few peices of both of my rolls. Within about a minute my waitress ran to our table and said "The cooks made you the VEGAS roll!" I said, "Oh no, what does it have in it??!". She said salmon, crab, avacado, and cream cheese. I knew all of those were safe accept for CRAB. Its the mystery meat! Is it shellfish? Is it not? Was it on that list my doctor gave me when I was about 9 years old? I DONT REMEMBER! STRESSSSSSS!
I assured the waitress it wasnt her fault (she really is the best waitress ever, has my order memorized) It was totally the cooks fault. The rolls look identical, but really when you are cooking it how the crap can you mess that up. The waitress cant know, other than you saying something because they look exactly the same.

So Manu and I wait with anticipation. Is there going to be hives, throat swelling, etc. etc and unknown etc? The last time I had something related to shellfish (scallops) when I was 9 years old, I had hives all over my body within five minutes. The time before that I had eaten clams at a friend of my parents and something similar happened. That is when I got the test for allergies . Well, that five minutes seemed very long, but nothing happened. Thank goodness!
Nevertheless the manager and waitress came over comped our meal, and apologized over and over. I think it helps that I am in there ALL the time, so they REALLY felt bad. But it really is just the cooks fault. Hope they get yelled at. They said they would take care of bills or anything for any results of the fish issues. They were great. We still tipped our waitress, because she is the best, and it was not her fault. But I havent had the crap scared out of me like that in a long time.
So I know the question you are all asking with a sarcastic tone of voice, "Well, was it good"? Um...the answer is that it was a tempura roll and I had dipped it in ponzu sauce so really that is what it tasted like. I noticed it was a littler creamier than usual but I thought that was extra avocado not cream cheese. I lucked out on the roll that was brought to me, only a small portion of it was what I could potentially be allegic to (the crab) and it is fresh crab mixed with processed. I suppose I lucked out. Good thing I usually have good luck, or I may have been home with hives and who else knows what!
So now when ya'll asked me, "Well, have you even tried REAL sushi?", the answer from me will be "YES! And I never will again!"
Now that my friends is quite a fishy tale, wouldnt you say??


Mrs. B said...

Dude, Rosie, this post definitely made me laugh. Glad you're ok! Mark's super allergic to shellfish and we had a crazy time while we were in China trying to avoid it, and bringing his epipen everywhere. One time his coworkers brought him KFC for lunch and he almost took a bite before he realized it was shrimp. Who gets a shrimp sandwich at KFC?!
And sidenote, crab is definitely shellfish. It has a shell ;)

Mark and Lachelle said...

Rosie, I feel bad that you're allergic to shell fish!! I LOVE crab and lobster!! YUMMO! Glad you didn't break out in hives...and heck yes, free meal!! And now that I've read this post, I'm totally have a pregnancy craving for sushi! But now of course, I gotta stick to the veggie rolls...until October. But I am totally down for a veggie roll. Let's do lunch!