Thursday, September 01, 2011

Day 11.....Almost to vacation heaven

Man its hard to balance everything! I usually make my calories every day, but it has to be a VERY disciplined day to make fat grams and carbs as well. I never go over by much, but it is hard to get that perfect balance.
When you are only supposed to be getting 1460 calories per day on your plan, you want to eat every one of them. This means that if you are close to the line on calories other things may not make it.
But today I knew I needed some help on lunch so I went to Harmons on a search for diet meals. This one looked like what I was craving. It was only 280 calories and 5 grams of fat. Not bad. And the best part, it was delcious!
I also grabbed some sugar snap peas, almonds, a nectarine (which by the way was $1.20, and the bountiful basket seem like a great deal). I just need to make it through tomorrow and then I am on break for vacation. When I come back, I will have to hit it hard again. I am glad I started before vacation though. It gave my body some extra motivation and drive to do it again.
Just need to get Josh to do it! But only he can make that choice :)
Here is to delicious meals that are already set to help you!

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