Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Little Update!

Hi everyone! For the next month, I will be posting from my other blog Rosie's Road Rally I was picked to be in this Riverton Motors Road Rally Contest, where each weekend I go do random tasks, that are given to me each Friday morning and do them in the most creative, awesome way possible! I share on social media and get the word out. When people vote for me they are also entered to WIN A CAR! You can VOTE HERE!
I have made two sweet videos for the contest so far:
One of them is a music video all about the contest. I rewrote the lyrics to Dont Stop Believin and rocked it. Thanks to Coray for help with the video:
The next one is a video about our Kickoff party of the Riverton Road Rally and me driving my Mitsubishi Outlander Sport from Riverton Mitsubishi to my first day of Rally Tasks. We went to Union Station & The George Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden. Then we headed to Hogle Zoo! It's been a busy few days!
So Follow That blog too! Love all of you and all your support. Remember to get registered to Win a car and vote for me.

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Andrea said...

I finally found time to check out your stuff, and I love the "Don't Stop Believing!" So fun.