Monday, October 13, 2014

In need of an update on the Skinner Life!

Oh my goodness! We haven't updated our blog since 2012? What the what? Well here are some updates on our little life. We got pregnant in May of 2013 and found out July 26th I believe! We were so excited. Josh was out mowing the lawn and I told him I had a present for him from work. I had the tests in a box and he opened it up and couldn't believe! We were so happy to start our little family.
In the early months of pregnancy we traveled to St Louis and to Hawaii where we were able to tell some of our family in person.
We found out what we were having, a cute bouncing baby boy, in early September at 16 weeks. We soon decided on a name Boston, and was calling the belly that soon after.
But of course with the Skinners everything is a surprise! We only told a few family and friends we were pregnant early, but told mostly everyone else at 21 weeks! It was so fun to do the announcement on Facebook and see everyone's reactions. We were surrounded by so much love and support it just made our hearts so full and happy.
At 26 weeks we did a gender reveal party with so many of our closest friends and family. We did cupcakes for all attendees and did a cut the cake ceremony to announce. We had everyone guess the gender and did prizes and drawings. We really made an event of it. It was so much fun! It was one of my favorite nights I remember in pregnancy.
From here on life was filled with getting all the lasts in and recording all the firsts! We made sure to take pics to document the whole journey and create books so we can remember everything. We went to San Francisco for the bowl game, St George for a mini-getaway, Denver for the patriots playoff and Pink, St George for another little getaway, and Vegas for the basketball tourney! It was an amazing time! Driving up those mountains to Denver made baby Boston a little jumpy, but he is a trooper.
We documented all our adventures along the way!
My due date was March 17th, but baby Boston was too happy and comfy to come then. They finally induced me March 25th. It was a 29 hr labor with two epidurals, Cervadil, Patocin, a cervix that would NOT dialate, heart rate and breathing up and downs, and a baby who was stuck in the birth canal and had to be suctioned out. Finally at 9:17 he came in all his cuteness, love and joy! We had never been happier.
There were lots of fun showers to celebrate his arrival!
I had two weeks of nesting and 10 weeks of maternity leave! Boston's little life has been full of fun and joy from the very beginning.
We had pictures done of Boston at about 2 weeks! Too precious for words!
At two months Boston started daycare and loves his teachers. He is such a social happy guy he really loves it. They take some great pics of him.
We blessed baby Boston the first sunday in June at around 4 months! So wonderful to be able to share all our life's hopes, dreams, and wishes we have four him. Josh did a beautiful job!
We also had pictures done at 4 months. Getting so much personality!
We track all the milestones along the way!
Boston is now 6 months old and is an amazing little guy! We have had so many fun adventures with him and cant wait for more. We are making him part of everything in our life. He enjoys concerts of all kinds, Real Soccer, Bees, UVU, Owls, and Byu Baseball, Byu Basketball, Byu Football and pretty much any sport. We recently did our first to trips with him, one to St Louis to meet all his rad aunts, uncles, and cousins on the Simmons side and another to California to show him Disneyland, the beach, and many other places. We are so in love with our little boy and are having so much fun as parents. We will try to keep the blog more updated!

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