Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Brief Introduction

Here we are!! This picture was taken at the Sundance Amphitheatre sometime in August, I think. We were there for a free showing of Napoleon Dynamite, only the freakin' sweetest movie ever made (besides Glitter, of course)!! I thought this would be a good picture to introduce us and tell a little about ourselves. I (Josh) was born and raised (for the most part) in upstate NY in a small town called Seneca Falls. I moved to Utah in 2001 to go to BYU and I will graduate in December of this year. Rosie grew up in Draper, Utah and has celebrated graduation from UVSC, but is currently finishing her thesis paper for a finish in December as well. We both met at Wirthlin Worldwide (recently acquired by Harris Interactive) in mid-2002 (where we still currently work). It was not until September 12, 2004 that we began to hang out and date. We recently celebrated our 1 year dating anniversary and it just keeps getting better. Since we got together we've gone on numerous vacations accross the US including visiting New York City in November 2004, Hawaii in January of this year, California in August, and many more. All of these trips have been documented with photographs and will be represented at some point here in this blog, so check back often. For now, we will continue to be adventurous and keep you updated as often as we can. Bye for now.

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b. clary said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Your blog is quite nice, I must say. The photo is lovely as well. Haha, I like that you started a blog.