Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Josh and Rosie's New Blog!!

So here it is, the beginning of something beautiful...or the visual and textual manifestation of something more beautiful. :) After having blog propoganda thrown at me from all angles, I suppressed my natural skepticism and decided "what the heck," and went for it. I figure this will be a great way to keep my family and friends updated as to what me and rosie are doing. That way, when asked what i've been up to, I can simply recite this web address and end the conversation (ah, the added free time!).
Also, Rosie and I are going to start posting our pictures from trips, dates and other random shenanigans. We have a lot of backdated pictures that we'll have to post when we get to it (eg. New York City, Hawaii, California, etc). Perhaps, if I get technical enough and this site allows for it, we may post some short video clips here from different trips we've gone on. Anyway, this should be fun, and if I am consistant with updates, it should be fun for the onlookers as well. Feel free to add your own comments here and keep us updated about yourselves.

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