Saturday, January 21, 2006

Friday Night at Velour

Last night we went to Velour, the new local music venue in downtown provo, created by Cory Fox. Its a great place to play and a great place to watch some of the local artists that Rosie and I know. The first pic is of the band The Hideout; my friend Adam is the guitarist (left). They sounded great, including their cover of MJ's "Beat It" with guest vocalist Joshua James (with some sweet moves!). Joshua James and the Southern Boys played second and rocked the show. I was a little disappointed because the crowd was so loud, but they had a great show, as always. Joshua James has one of the most unique sounds around and I sure hope he makes something of his success so far. They rocked it with their classics: Tennessee, Glory from a Mountain, and Halelujah, along with Josh's newer song "Lovers without Love like Me." The headliner, a band we see very often around here, was the Matt Lewis band. They had a long set list with a lot of new songs that Rosie and I are finally getting to know good enough to start to sing along to. I recommend anyone who is a fan of rock, reggae, or any other kind of music that just sounds awesome to check these guys out. I think they've got some energetic music and Matt Lewis, the lead singer is always coming up with original freestyle rhymes throughout the whole show. I am told that Chad, the basist is getting married tomorrow, so congratulations to him and his significant other!! We've been friends with all of these guys for a while and the cool thing about going to their shows is that all of these guys are always out thanking us for coming. There are a lot of great people out in the local music scene and we're glad to know a lot of them. Its fun to get out and see them along with all the friends and fellow fans of these bands. On the right you see a somewhat blurry picture of Rosie and I on the front row of this new venue. I'm sure you'll see more posts with other bands that we follow around and do our best to support. Tonight we're planning on going to see G. Love and Special Sauce up in Park City, where the Sundance Film Festival is going on. Perhaps we'll see some famous people...we'll have our new camera!! Love you all!!

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