Monday, January 23, 2006

Switchfoot at the Canyons in Park City

Tonight (Monday), Rosie and I ventured up to Park City once again to see Switchfoot at the Canyons resort. The show was free. We got up there early enough to have a pretty good spot in the crowd, however the high school kids got real excited and we had to bail from the crowd in fear that we'd get crushed and trampled. To your right you'll see Switchfoot, in all its glory rocking out with the song "Stars," their most famous song these days. There was a good opening band which came out first, followed by some fireworks.

The concert was pretty good, however it was pretty darn cold. We were all bundled up in our winter outfits including the new hats and rosie's scarf we bought prior to going to the show at the canyons. We also stopped by a shop at the Canyons and picked up some hand warmers which proved to be an awesome move since our hands were instantly frozen when we got up there.

Here is Rosie looking warm.

Here I am trying to be cool...i know what you're thinking...

and here we are...
and here we are again...
Amber and Christian joined us...they just got engaged!!

We left the mountain a little early and found a cool little cafe in park city to grab a late bite to eat. It was good and suprizingly cheap.

Well, thats about it for now. Love you all!

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