Sunday, February 05, 2006

First Weekend in February:

Rosie and I had a lot going on this weekend and thought we'd show everyone how much fun we had. Friday night we went to the UVSC "All-Nighter," with our friend Matt. We got there early to help out and it turned out to be a lot of fun. First we all manned the popcorn machine. After the first batch got a little burnt, we learned from our mistake and turned out some sweet free popcorn. You gotta love the awesome orange Staff shirts we wore to show everyone how important we were...and good at making popcorn. After turning over the job to some other Staffers, we went to the ticket booth to sell admission bracelets. We definately saw a lot of interesting kids come through the door. We had to turn away quite a few underagers. The party went on until about 3am, we helped clean up and then went home and somehow got some sleep.
On Saturday at 1p we went to the BYU basketball game where we beat the Air Force University Falcons. The Falcons beat us on the road, so we had to give it our all at this game so we could take the win at home. Rosie, although a hard-core UVSC fan, joined in and helped BYU win an amazingly close game. We had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next home game.
Saturday night, we went to Velour, as we usually do at least once a week, and saw Palomino-probably our favorite local band. Below are some pictures that I caught on the digital.
Brinton Jones, the lead singer and a good friend of ours.

Another picture of Brinton

Finally, on Sunday we got together with our game-night married/work friends to watch SuperBowl XL, while the Steelers put the smack down on the Seahawks. I will admit that I'm somewhat of a closet Seahawks fan and I was disappointed in the loss, but the get together was a lot of fun. Here are some pics from the party:

Here is the whole group (from left to right) Becca, Isabelle, and Dan Hosford, Shelley and Travis Millet, and Michelle and Dave Droge. Of course, we're in the front.

Rosie and I cuddling on Travis and Shelley's big comfy couch (also the name of a kids show a few years ago...). Notice the Seahawks shirt that I created for the celebration.
Love you all!!

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