Monday, February 06, 2006

My new cell phone:

To the left you'll find the most advanced piece of cellular telephone technology, and I have recently acquired it. It took over an hour of hastling the t-mobile representative but I finally got him to give me the phone for a mere $200, which is $100 off the price that most people get it for. The phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera, an mp3 player and a removable/expandable memory. I also found a way to trick the phone into being able to use any song as a ringtone, which has been great especially to have Rosie's ringtone as Kalai's "Divide Me," which has come to be 'our song'. The phone is so small, comparable to even the Razr, which is the newer popular phone I was about to upgrade to with Verizon. This has the most amazing screen resolution i've seen, as well as a great picture when it comes to photos. I was converted to this phone when I saw Christian (Rosie's best friend Amber's boyfriend) had it. If you want to take a look at it yourself, go HERE.

Here is a picture from the camera that we took at a UVSC game last week. The referee jersey I have on is the new Rowdie's shirt of choice (Rowdie=a hard-core UVSC b-ball fan that makes a lot of noise)
Love you all!!

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b. clary said...

Well looks like you've been keeping up in the blogging business. good work. And since I don't talk to you that much I better throw in "Good work on graduating! congrats!" and then "congratulations on being engaged!" and then maybe even "congrats on your marriage!" Speaking of which, when do you get married? When did you get engaged? hmmm. Well, yes, I will check this agian in like, a few months or something. haha. You and Rosie are really cute, by the way. Ciao.