Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spring Haven (UVSC Student Gov't Retreat)

This past weekend Rosie and I travelled up Hobble Creek canyon to Spring Haven-a huge cabin that's owned by BYU. This was for a UVSC Student Council Leadership retreat that turned out to be a lot of fun. The picture to the left is us in the back seat of a big truck driven by Rosie's friend Brook who, we'll admit, could pay a little more attention to the road (we were scared). You can see the iPod headphones we're sharing...we were trying to drown out the girls in the front seat singing Garth Brooks as loud as they could. You can see our friend Matt on the right-he came with us and we're glad he did. The trip was a lot of fun; I played a lot of basketball as well as some highly competative dodgeball. Rosie got her dance and her socializing on. All around it was a good time. We got there Friday evening and left Saturday around noon. Its real pretty up there, as you'll see in the following pictures:

Here is Rosie and I with part of Spring Haven in the background

Rosie and I having some fun on the indoor jungle gym

Rosie, Matt and I before leaving on Saturday

A nice scenery pictures of the snow covered mountains
Love you all!

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