Monday, May 12, 2008

Augustana Meet and Greet and Concert

These guys are just so ultra talented! Its amazing! Josh and I were lucky enough (thanks to a random text from X96) to go to the Augustana meet and greet at Graywhale music and then we won concert tickets for that night at the Avalon theater in SLC. We were more than
stoked. These guys were 100% amazing. So
If you are looking for a new band to love, you
have found it right here!

This band has so much fun together. It is part
of the Joy of watching them is that they all
share the stage and it seems that no one is better
than another! They love the music, and that
is what is so crucial to making a band be amazing!

These guys were so chill. They were so nice to everyone of thier fans and really let each one of us know that they appreciated our support and that we came out for them, it was really a change to see a band that REALLY loves thier fans!

This guys voice seriously melts me! WOW!


Kira Joy said...

You go to everything.

I am so jealous

Josh said...

lol, its cause we enter to win EVERYTHING and are on every mailing list, so we just increase our chances :) Thats all. And working for 97.1 helps out here and there as well.

Mrs. B said...

Hi Rosie! I don't even think I knew you had a blog, but Sheri just posted a comment (on mine) about how she found me on yours! Yea, I love blogs! Nice too see all these fun pics!