Monday, May 26, 2008

Danica the Soccer Diva!

So Saturday we had the opportunity to go watch
Danica (Marias Daughter) go play in her soccer game!
It was such a gorgeous day outside and it was so much fun
Danica made like 5 or 6 goals she is amazing!

Ty Ty was kicking the ball
all the way down the field too!

Look at Danica in Action!
She is awesome!

She is so stinkin cute! Can I
have her Maria?

Danica the soccer DIVA!
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Mitchell Family said...

Hey Rosie-
Fun to see pitctures of you and your sweet husband. Looks like things are going well for both of you! Hopefully we will see you soon and one of Nate and Rachels fun parties!
Michele (Kimball) Mitchell

Tiffany Carter said...

When i first saw Danica's picture I thought... why does this little girl look SO familiar! Well, she looks EXACTLY like maria! How cute! fun day in the sun!

Blogful said...

I was so sorry to hear of your loss, Rosie. We're praying for you and your folks.

Kallie Joy said...

Hey Rosie! I just saw your blog off of Sherri's. haha. How's it going??