Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Happy houseness!

We couldnt be more excited this place is amazing. Although I have never wanted to live in a place called LEHI and have my kids go to LEHI HIGH, I guess I will deal with that concept for how awesome this place is! Yipee hope it all works out! i stole this pic off google earth, so it isnt the best but here is the first view of what may be our new home!


Mark and Lachelle said...

LOVE the house!! I'm jealous!! You're totally going to have a house warming party when you get your house!

Josh said...

oh we so are and you are soooo invited :)


PS sometimes I am logged in under joshs name since he has all the dashboard permissions so it says josh!

Jason & Heather said...

wahoo...a house! hope it all works out! by the way, i'm totally jealous....i wanna house!!!

Ashley Walch said...

Rosie...this house is adorable! I hope you get it!!!It was good to talk to you today!


Josh said...

ashley, you and me and our red doors! they make the house :)