Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 4....looks so good I want some more

Today is a little easier than yesterday. I am starting to be a tad less hungry, but I have a ton more energy.
Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch is a turkey cheese wrap w/blueberries & strawberries on the side sweetened by a half pack of Stevia (thanks Larry from work!). I am excited to dig in.
Dinner is rather hard, just because we have to get something that both Josh and I like. I think I am willing to not eat as much to sacrifice calories, but at the end of a long day Josh is just hungry. As long as we have a veggie or two in there, the main dish can be flexible whether that is chicken or pasta.
Blogging this makes me know I have to do it! It's nice. Even yesterday my husband was like "Are you going on your bike ride?" and I hadnt event told him in person I was going. But it made me have some accountability. However, I didnt do that bikeride last night, because we had to keep waiting for the outback free steak promotion to work, so I did stay at home, but we went to bed nice and early at 10:15 ish. Early for us!
So here is to the continued journey! Dont stop believin!

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