Monday, August 22, 2011

Making an Effort.....

Ever since my last car accident and all the stuff that has happened with my parents I just do not feel good. Back hurts, wrist hurts, neck hurts, head hurts, stomach hurts, and the joints in my right hand hurt. I have just had enough of being in pain, feeling tired, and feeling sick. I don't tell too many people how bad it really is, but it is really bad.
So I decided to make an effort, and make a change. It all starts one step at a time doesn't it? I want to be a healthy person who can be a good example to my kids. I want them to know that a healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle. When you are going through a lot emotionally, you tend to not pay attention to this stuff, but its just to the point where it is absolutely necessary.
It's time to have accountability. To make a change and hopefully share my success.
It all started with an infomercial the other night. It was for some juice, reminded me of a Tahitian Noni, that came from the fruit of a cactus in Arizona. This juice is supposed to help inflamation in the body, which is one of my main issues. I also feel that this is the most lethal and dangerous thing that is wrong with me. Inflammation is a silent killer and can effect everything from your sinuses, to digestive system, to your joints. I was on a mission to find this cactus fruit.
Here is what was in that infomercial:
I went to Harmons on my lunch determined. Determined to make a change. They did not have the cactus fruit but here are some of the delcious items they did have.
Rosie's LIFE CHANGE starter list:
Fresh Blueberries
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Salsa
Low Sodium Turkey
American Cheese
Organic Dark Green Lettuce
Snap Peas
Acai Berry Juice (w/no additives)
Prickly Pear
Aloe Lemon Juice
Day 1: For lunch I ate about ten delicious snap pees. I wrapped tukey and cheese in peices of lettuce and ate about five of those. I had about ten fresh blueberries and drank some acai juice. Then topped the meal off with some fresh salsa.
And as of right now there is one emotion. JOY. Joy, that I have taken the first step to make a change. Joy that there are so many options available that taste as good or better than the crappy stuff. And, Joy that somehow someway I just walked into that store and did it.
Now, I am now saying I will never go to Mama Chus or have a delicious treat once in a while, but I am making from now on a valiant effort to eat much better. There may be days when I fall off the wagon, but hopefully I am able to make a change.
So for tracking purposes lets pretend I weigh 130 LBS (yeah right, when I was 22!) If I have weight loss progress we will deduct it from that, other progress such as loss of pain, etc. I will just keep you posted. I will try to post every day, so that for one thing I am accountable and for another I can track the journey.
Here is to positive changes!


TheBaumanns said...

Rosie, I am SO proud of you!!! I was just talking to my mom about food...and how comforting it can become (I LOVE to eat)...but nothing feels better than feeling comfortable in your own skin, and feeling physical pain go away as you become healthier! I'm excited to witness your progress! YOU CAN DO IT!! Love you!

Amy Dayton said...

Thank you for sharing your goals!! You inspire me to do better at sticking to my goals. That is the trouble with food, it is a constant thing. One bite here and there. I can make up my mind to go to the gym each day, I do it, and I am done! But with food, it is always around me, and I have to eat, so it is a constant battle of trying to make the best choices. You are awesome! Love you. I hope you get feeling better :)

Birdy said...

I'm so proud of you, Rosie! I'm sorry you've been in so much pain, emotionally and physically. I love yer guts and you're the bestest thing in the world! You're the most supportive friend, EVER!! :)
Love you! Good luck! You're an inspiration!

Jaime said...

Hey Lady! It sounds like you have a healthy perspective about making these changes, and why they need to be made. Because I have lupus and it affects my joints, I know how toxic inflammation is for the body...Making life changes are so difficult, but you've got everbody's support! And, keep getting back on that wagon ;)