Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 5,6, & 7....The weekend!

Weekends can be a bit rough, so I decided like most regular diets there will be one day in the week that I am off. I think it will be Fri, Sat, or Sun and I will just decide each week as it comes along. Of course I will still be careful and try to stay in my alotment of calories, carbs, and fat but I think I need a reward day of sorts.
This weekend we had something every night! So that makes it hard, but I think we planned well. Friday I went 106 over in calories, but since my limit is 1460 I didnt feel too guilty. Saturday I stayed on track and I think it was easy for two reasons. 1) WE only ate two meals that day, breakfast and a late lunch 2) Our lunch was at Cafe Fresh in good earth which was delicious! I love that place.
Sunday was my free day, but I still stayed pretty close within my ranges. We had dinner at a friends house who made some delicious carne asada, so it was worth the calories! HAHAHA! :)
It's going well! I am conscious of everything I am eating and doing. It's nice. Before I just did whatever, but now I track it all. I don't think Josh quite knows what to think of it yet.
Here it to another successful week, one day at a time.

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